Client Description:

Established in 1876, Bremer’s is the oldest family-owned wine and liquor store in the Mohawk Valley. With more than 25,000 bottles in stock, it is also the largest spirits store located between Albany and Rochester, NY. Due to the company’s experience in buying wines and liquors from around the globe, coupled with an extensive inventory, Bremer’s has something for everyone. Plus, they hand select all of the wines and liquors in their inventory, and have a trained staff who can assist you whether you are buying a single malt scotch or the newest boxed wine. Also famous for their exceptional service and convenient location, Bremer’s has a deep, rich brand to promote.

MPW was asked to:

  • Challenge: With a business that’s been growing steadily for more than 139 years, the current generation of Bremer’s found themselves more and more out of the public eye and entrenched in the day-to-day backend operations of the business. They also found that they had less time to devote to marketing strategy, building and communicating their brand as well as introducing themselves to a new generation of potential consumers. As the marketing landscape has evolved so quickly, and finding themselves more ingrained in the more operational aspects of the business, they realized that an updated marketing plan wasn’t a luxury, but a necessity.
  • Approach: Through our strategic planning meetings we were able to identify a list of short and long-term priorities for the business. Our main priority was to communicate the Bremer’s commitment to sales, selection and service and to re-brand/introduce the current generation of Bremers as the faces of the business.
  • In addition to branding the business, another goal was to develop ways for them to more frequently communicate with their current and prospective customers; provide them with an online footprint and social presence, as well as develop new and exciting programs to help their customers expand their wine knowledge.


We started our process by determining a new, concise branding message that would be used throughout their marketing materials. A new logo was created, a branding guide written, and a marketing plan developed in our first days. Our creative director developed a series of television and radio spots that are focused on the Bremer’s long-term history of excellent customer service, unmatched inventory, and savings they’ve passed on to their customers due to their sheer size and buying power. Our creative approach was to utilize not only the Bremers themselves in the creative, but also testimonials secured from among their current customer base.

Other, longer-term priorities were also developed and executed:

  • A new website was developed that was linked to and worked directly with their backend online store
  • A social media plan was developed for Facebook and Pinterest
  • A ‘Case of the Season’ program was developed
  • A new electronic newsletter called Bremer’s Buzz was developed as well as a plan to update their 30,000+ customer list so that it was more usable
  • A hand-picked ‘12 under $12 program’ was established to help encourage people to expand their palate and wine repertoire
  • A turnkey seven-day sales plan, with new creative, was developed to increase sales in key months
  • A media plan was developed, using TV, cable, radio, billboards and print that dramatically expanded their media footprint in the market


Our goal in the first year was to keep their marketing budget flat, greatly improve media efficiencies, expand footprint and re-introduce Bremer’s to the market. All of these goals were accomplished, in addition to the short and long-term priorities that were outlined in our initial strategy meetings. With ever-growing competition in the marketplace locally, as well as online, it was critical to give Bremer’s a marketing presence that matched their deep, rich history and experience in this market.