Client Description:

Cazenovia Equipment Company (CEC) is one of the largest John Deere dealerships in the Northeast. Founded in 1961 by Larry Love, the CEC originally served the farming community in the greater Cazenovia, NY area. In 1975, Love’s son-in-law Bob Frazee joined the business, and it has remained in the family, with Frazee’s sons Mike and Jim, who joined the company in 2003. CEC first expanded in 1988, and now has nine locations throughout Central New York – expanding its product offerings by now also offering parts and equipment from Honda, STIHL, Kuhn, Ariens and more.

MPW was asked to:

  • Develop an efficient and effective advertising strategy to best allocate CEC’s marketing budget across multiple, idiosyncratic markets and media types
  • Develop a brand consciousness for CEC beyond being a John Deere dealership
  • Produce television and radio commercials that promote sales initiatives and drive customers into CEC showrooms
  • Design, execute and consult on online advertising
  • Design and distribute print and direct mail advertising
  • Work with national John Deere advertising partners and process co-op advertising paperwork


CEC came to MPW in need of the agency’s expertise on the local media landscape. After years of working with John Deere’s national advertising partners, and experiencing the pains and inefficiencies that come with an agency that doesn’t fully understand its specific market, CEC recognized the need to find a local partner. The nine CEC locations are spread over much of Central New York, with some locations sharing the same media market. Added to that was the opportunity to take advantage of co-op advertising with some of their brands. Also, CEC was looking to grow in a market rife with competition from big box stores and agricultural equipment stores that offer competitive equipment.


MPW analyzed the markets in and around each CEC location in search of potential to growth. The data was used against the last few years of sales numbers for CEC locations to establish appropriate budgets for each of the nine locations. The MPW media team aggressively negotiated with area media outlets to arrive at the best possible rates and coverage to reach CEC key demographics. The MPW creative department worked with CEC to develop messaging that would resonate with its customers, and produced spots for each of their sales initiatives as they happened. MPW’s web team worked to develop comprehensive coverage online for CEC’s advertising.


MPW recommended a comprehensive mass media advertising strategy that included a reallocation of advertising resources across markets to align with current sales and future opportunities. MPW also picked a mix of TV and radio, and aligned flight schedules to align with the best rates and sales promotions. We created new mass media messaging that put the owners in front of the camera to reinforce the fact the company is family owned/run and to present the company as friendly and approachable. For print, MPW established a look for CEC’s pieces that was visually pleasing to be used across multiple marketing pieces for increased brand continuity. In addition, MPW did keyword research for CEC’s online advertising to ensure the ads showed up for the most important words and phrases associate with their product.


Through MPW’s expertise in the local media landscape and skill at media buying, Cazenovia Equipment Company is seeing much greater efficiency in their advertising. Without having to increase its advertising budget, CEC is now being seen and heard more often and in more markets than ever before. The company is also hearing from new customers that they saw and heard about their local locations, products and services from the newly created marketing materials. In addition, MPW has freed up CEC’s administrative employees to focus on their customers by taking on and managing projects including online, print and TV/radio production. This has allowed the CEC staff to focus on their customers and increase the quality of their overall customer experience.