Client Description

KLOK:WORK is a mobile and web application that has revolutionized time logging and time tracking for the automotive repair and automotive restoration industries. KLOK:WORK provides a quick and easy way for auto technicians to log time and input notes across multiple jobs from Android and iOS devices, freeing themselves and shop owners from the tedious job of managing paper time sheets. The data that is collected can be used to find inefficiencies and reward top performers, leading to happy customers, shop owners and technicians alike.

MPW was asked to:

  • Develop a logo and brand for the product
  • Develop visual elements for the web and mobile applications
  • Write, design and print sell sheets that are used in client pitches to potential clients
  • Write, design and optimize a new website for product marketing
  • Write and produce a short, basic video on how the product works
  • Consult the company as they enter different markets


The leadership of Deftsync, the company that developed KLOK:WORK, came to MPW with the functional KLOK:WORK product. Their challenge was to get the applications looking customer-ready and promote the application benefits to shop owners to compel them to change their business practice and use the application for time tracking purposes.


MPW started at the application level, learning from Deftsync about the needs of the automotive industry as it related to time management, and then using that information to build a brand for the product. A logo and color scheme were created to convey a product that was fast and innovative. Then, sales support materials and a newly optimized website was developed to drive interest from both those that they met with as well as potential clients searching for a time management solution.


Upon first viewing KLOK:WORK, MPW recommended that a logo for the product should be designed. Additionally, the design of the web and mobile applications needed to be improved before it was brought around to potential clients. MPW worked with Deftsync to establish a brand for KLOK:WORK, and then applied the newly developed elements across the product. To get the word out to potential clients, MPW suggested that the company develop a new website that presented their product in a thoughtful and engaging manner. MPW wrote, designed, programmed, and launched the new website, to act as a sales tool and lead generator medium. Since Deftsync indicated it would be taking its product to in-person meetings with shop owners, MPW recommended a sell sheet that could be left behind at meetings or be passed out at industry trade shows.


Deftsync continues to enjoy increasing use of the KLOK:WORK product amongst shop owners. They have set a goal to expand the product’s presence amongst auto restoration shops. MPW continues to support Deftsync with their online presence, and supports the company with its branding needs. Future plans between Deftsync and MPW includes a roll out of KLOK:WORK within the legal industry.