A hospital system without walls.

Nascentia Health seized the opportunity to position itself as an innovator in the concept of healthcare truly focused on the patient as a whole – one that transcends that of an institution or medical center. It’s a healthcare system dedicated to providing healthcare the right way, using leading edge approaches to improve outcomes and a provide quality of life. But more importantly, it’s about the people who make Nascentia what it is and who make those outcomes possible, and it’s about their pride in their organization – this is the heart of the brand MPW was tasked to create.

Feeling the new brand.

In our marketing, we needed to explain the tagline, “tomorrow’s healthcare today” and to demonstrate the brand of “a remarkable healthcare approach, driven by proud, exceptional people.” Additionally, we needed to bring all facets of Nascentia – Homeaides, Options, CHHA Services, and Adult Day Care – together under the new, unifying brand. For this reason, we chose to have employees tell the story of Nascentia and show their dedication to helping achieve better patient outcomes.


Nascentia’s brand is at the convergence of high touch and high tech. Tomorrow’s healthcare promises a patient-centric, integrated care model, where the patient is treated holistically. But it also promises that modern technologies and tools will be employed to improve outcomes and quality of life as well. As Nascentia promises both of these, it was incumbent upon MPW that we created a campaign that straddled these equally important brand positions.

Managing the brand transition.

In order to handle a smooth transition from the legacy brands of Homeaides, Options, and VNA Homecare, we suggested a visual treatment at the end of video communications that told the story visually of the legacy brands coming together under the new Nascentia name. We ensured that we told the stories of proud employees from each of these legacy services and reflected their dedication to providing the best care.

New name, new mission – not a takeover.

A brand name change of this type and scale is ambiguous, and we needed to be sure to manage the messaging on this front. The inclusion of leadership in the campaign supported the concept of evolution and offered protection against the misperception of a change in ownership.

Initial campaign

Two months prior to website and TV campaign launch, we implemented a tease/lead-in billboard and digital campaign to generate interest in the new Nascentia Health brand and provide an entry-point for those already looking for more information about the new system. Billboards provided a “tease” to the Nascentia brand only. VNA Homecare branding was excluded to stimulate curiosity and drive traffic to the landing page and the “Letter to the Community.” Digital banner ads allowed us to use animation to demonstrate the relationship between Nascentia Health and the well-known legacy brands – VNA Homecare, VNA Homecare Options and Homeaides of CNY. This execution was presented in a similar fashion to the TV end graphic referenced earlier.