Every company has someone who has worked his or her way up from the bottom finding great success along the corporate ladder. MPW doesn’t really have a ‘ladder’ to climb, but if it did, Dave would be working his way up. Starting as a temporary employee tasked with a single project in the agency’s early years, Dave quickly became in integral part of daily business within the growing agency. With a masters in accounting, Dave’s skill set, experience and drive have brought him to lead the finance department and act as an office and HR manager at MPW.

When he’s not at the office balancing budgets, Dave can be found balancing on a pair of ice skates. An avid hockey player and natural athlete, Dave enjoys year round recreational sports – playing on sports teams from volleyball and kickball to hockey and baseball. If he’s not on the field, court or ice, Dave is in the stands cheering on his favorite teams.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin