Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts More Engaging

Social Media Post

The question is no longer “should my brand be on social media?” Now, brands should ask, “How can I make my social media engaging?” Depending on your product or service, this could be easier or harder. Some topics just lend themselves to being easily engaging on social media, while others need a little more creativity. But thankfully, these tips for making your brand’s social media more engaging are applicable for any situation.

1. Use CTAs

You can write the most interesting post in the social media-verse, but if you don’t include a call-to-action, it’s more like shouting into the wind. Before you write your post, think about what you want it to accomplish, and what CTA could drive that.


If you’re showing off a new product, encourage your followers to learn more about it by visiting the website or asking their questions in the comments.

If you’re offering a service, include how followers can sign up for it.

If you’re an ice cream shop talking about the unseasonably warm weather in your area, tell them to come take advantage of it by stopping by for ice cream and including your address.

If you’re sharing a limited time offer, encourage followers to call now and include a phone number.

2. Add Links

Social media platforms have become just as important for showcasing your business as your website, so it makes sense that you should use social media to drive traffic to your site. Strive to include a link back to your site in every post.

If you’re sharing your restaurant’s daily specials, include a link to the full menu on your website.

If you’re posting a picture of your storefront on a nice day, include a link to your store’s hours.

If you’re encouraging customers to contact you to schedule services, include a link to a contact page or contact form.

Social Media GraphicSocial Meda Post

3. Graphics

It should go without saying that every post you create should include some graphic element – be it an image, GIF, or video – but it’s necessary to repeat because many people still make the mistake of posting text only. Today’s brains are programmed to scroll right past plain text, so it’s crucial to include a graphic that’s attention-grabbing. But equally crucial is that it’s the right, most-optimized graphic for the job.


Size and dimensions: check your social platform’s preferred dimensions and image ratio aspects before posting to ensure that followers scrolling by get the full picture. You can’t count on people to open and expand the image when they’re already scrolling by at warp speed.

Text: studies have shown that graphics with little-to-no text perform best on social media. If you must use text, make it as minimal as possible, thinking of it as a teaser. Then include the full, in-depth text in the body of the post.

Readability: Even if you don’t have text in your graphic, but especially if you do, make sure your image is clear and readable at a small size – particularly on mobile devices.

Image quality: choose a high-resolution image so it doesn’t appear fuzzy, low-quality or distorted.

Social Media Emojis4. Emojis

Including relevant emojis is a simple way to make your post more eye-catching. But don’t be too heavy-handed, or it will look a lot like you tried too hard. We recommend 1-2 emojis per post. Nowadays, most phones and laptops will actually prompt emojis for you based on what you type, so if you’re not sure what’s relevant, that’s a great place to start. Or, consider what you can boil the topic of your post down to, and there’s almost guaranteed to be an emoji for that.

5. Pose a Question

A simple way to encourage people to engage with your post is asking a thought-provoking question that will prompt followers to comment their responses.

If you’re a pizza place, you could write a post asking, “If you could only have ONE pizza topping for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Then include your number to call and order pizza now.

If you sell apparel, you could write a post asking, “When you open your closet, what color do you have the most of?” Then include a link to shop online and say, “Find some fresh colors to add to your wardrobe here!”

If you offer repairs, you ask, “What’s your worst DIY repair horror story?” Then say, “trust the professionals next time and give us a call.”

6. Make it Relatable

It can be challenging to find things that make you as a brand seem relatable without looking like you’re trying too hard, but it is possible. Think about what you and your customers have in common. It could be location, interests, or concerns.

If your business shares a location with your customers, share a meme about the local weather, or a shout out to another local business you support.

If you sell a product you’re passionate about, be vocal about it and share reasons you love it that you know your customers love about it too.

7. Make it Intimate

We mean this in a totally PG way. Social media is a tool for making followers feel connected to you on a more personal level. Share behind-the-scenes content, show them who you are, show them who your team members are, and ultimately – reveal that there is a human side beyond the business.

Share your employees’ accolades and achievements, like a worker receiving a new certification, winning an award, or even having a birthday. Followers will admire the heart that shows, and friends and family of the mentioned employee will appreciate you for it and share your posts.

Show the fun stuff your company does, like parties or silly contests.

Share genuine, heartfelt messages of gratitude for your followers and your employees.

These tips are guaranteed to improve your social media posts’ engagement. But if you need consultation or social media services, our online team at MPW Marketing is here for you. Contact us today.