Vera Chapman

Brand Strategist & Web Project Lead

In her role as Brand Strategist and Web Project Lead, Vera Chapman enjoys going the extra mile with clients to help them create a brand that is most unique and perfectly suited to them. Skilled at digging deep with clients in one-on-one settings, Vera helps them to uncover their needs and goals from the same side of the table. She works with clients in diverse industries (from healthcare to HVAC to medical manufacturing!) to create an experience that not only gets the job done, but allows the client to feel confident and at ease. Vera was born and raised in South Africa, but now calls Hamilton, N.Y. home. The mother of two, and her husband David, a rugby coach at Colgate University, enjoy the labor of love that is restoring their 1800s home, and spending time together as a family. Vera is also a holistic wellness enthusiast.

“The magic happens outside of your comfort zone.” -Robert Ingersoll